This page provides information about chiropractic care for veterans in Texarkana through the VA. The VA offers a “fee for basis” program right here in Texarkana.

To access this service, follow these steps:

  • Visit your VA provider if you have a musculoskeletal issue.
  • Request a “chiropractor referral” from the VA doctor, which should be included in the paperwork sent to Shreveport.
  • Shreveport will review and approve the referral, then send you a package through mail.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment. We warmly welcome veterans and accept VA payment. Remember to bring your authorization with you for your first visit.

It’s possible that you may encounter difficulties in obtaining this benefit, as some VA providers in Texarkana may not fully understand their authority to refer you to a chiropractor, despite receiving repeated instructions from the Shreveport center.

If you encounter such challenges, consider reaching out to Congressman Ralph Hall at (870) 773-7246 and voicing your complaint about the lack of chiropractic referral. Others in the area have found success by taking this course of action.

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